mercredi 18 mai 2011

How to kill a socket used by PeopleSoft Application server (JSL), using rmsock on AIX

In project phase, when you build and rebuild environments, you might face the issue where a port is not released correctly by the host.
Here is an example to identify which process is assigned to this port, and how to release it (kill).

psft@AIXHOST0001(ORACLE_SID):/peoplesoft/HRMS91/pt850x/appserv> netstat -@aA | grep 9700
Global  f1000e0007054bb0 tcp4       0      0  AIXHOST0001.9700  *.*                LISTEN
psft@AIXHOST0001 (ORACLE_SID):/peoplesoft/HRMS91/pt850x/appserv> rmsock f1000e0007054bb0 tcpcb                
The socket 0x7054808 is being held by proccess 13959176 (JSL).
psft@AIXHOST0001 (ORACLE_SID):/peoplesoft/HRMS91/AU/pt850x/appserv> kill -9 13959176

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