vendredi 26 avril 2013

Make PeopleSoft and Active Directory case insensitive

PeopleSoft deliveres a function LDAP_AUTHENTICATION() to authenticate PeopleSoft users with Active Directory credentials.
It is designed to be case isensitive, but all users must be created upper case:
  - DANIEL.CRAIG in PeopleSoft
  - any case in Active Directory. Daniel.Craig or daniel.craig or DANIEL.CRAIG will work

You may want to create users lower case in PeopleSoft? then you just need basic code change to make it possible:
  - daniel.craig in PeopleSoft
  - any case in Active Directory. Daniel.Craig or daniel.craig or DANIEL.CRAIG will work

You may want users to be case sensitive between PeopleSoft and Active Directory ? This is also possible with basic code change:
  - daniel.craig in PeopleSoft
  - only authenticated with daniel.craig in Active Directory

  CASE #4
You don't have much control in users provisioning in PeopleSoft or Active Directory ... or both ?

1.1 search for this line: &USER_PROFILE.UserID = Upper(&prflProps.GetByPropertyName("UserID").value);
1.2 and replace it With: &USER_PROFILE.UserID = &prflProps.GetByPropertyName("UserID").value;
2.1 search for this line: SetAuthenticationResult( True, Upper(&psUserId), "", False);
2.2 and replace it with: SetAuthenticationResult( True, &psUserId, "", False);
With this setup you are configured like CASE #3 but you need an extra step.

3.1 Add the following line before this line: SetAuthenticationResult( True, &psUserId, "", False);
    SQLExec("select OPRID from PSOPRDEFN where lower(OPRID) = :1", Lower(&psUserId), &psUserId);

You can now have mixed authentication cases like:
  - daniel.craig in PeopleSoft
  - and Daniel.Craig in Active Directory

  - Tony.Stark in PeopleSoft 
  - and tony.stark in Active Directory

samedi 2 février 2013

JRE 7 runs PeopleTools 8.53

The Java part of PeopleTools 8.53 will no longer use JRE 6 but JRE 7.
All Java layers like WebLogic or BI Publisher will now require to install JRE 7.

PeopleTools 8.53 generally available

Initially planned in September 2012, PeopleTools 8.53 are generally available since the 1st of February 2013.
They will be the foundation for PeopleSoft 9.2, so it's time to get prepared !

lundi 28 janvier 2013

Need a job scheduling system for PeopleSoft Enterprise ?

PeopleSoft Process Plugin (PPPlugin) for Job2Do can help you building a robust batch system, for any of your PeopleSoft Applications: Financials, Supply Chain, Human Capital Management, Customer Relationship Management.


mercredi 16 janvier 2013

PeopleSoft WebLogic Application Firewall

In the context of intranet and internet services, you might be interested to protect you PeopleSoft applications from external users and possible threats.
You can probably prevent big issues if you technicaly lockdown some sensible features.

With "PeopleSoft WebLogic Application Firewall" this is possible to add an extra security level on the Web server layer (WebLogic).
This does not exempt having a strong PeopleSoft user security !

To enforce security you have to identify in a list  - the WhiteList - the PeopleSoft Components that you allow from internet.
By default all other Components will be unauthorized.

If you have interest in this feature, I can provide a link to download it for free.