mardi 24 juillet 2012

Content/Portal URL not defined for node PSFT_EP (262,81)

When verifying PeopleSoft and Oracle Secure Enterprise Search connectivity, you may face an error at "STEP 2: Deploy":

Content/Portal URL not defined for node PSFT_EP (262,81) PTSF_FEED.SESFeedDataSource.OnExecute  Name:execute  PCPC:16048  Statement:279
Called from:PTFP_FEED.Feed.OnExecute  Name:execute  Statement:677

Called from:PTFP_FEED.FeedFactory.OnExecute  Name:getFeedDoc  Statement:244

Called from:PTSF_RNDTRP_WRK.PTSF_RNDTRIP_CRAWL.FieldChange  Statement:46

Content/Portal URL not defined for node %1

 This is probably because you forgot the basics ? You must check that the Portal Node is configured (and the Integration Broker)!

Navigate to PeopleTools > Portal > Node Definitions
Select PSFT_EP node (if your are configuring ses with PeopleSoft Finance), then Portal tab.

You must configure "Content URI Text" and "Portal URI Text".

After this, STEP 2 should work fine.


vendredi 20 juillet 2012

iReceipt pictures included in the iPhone to PeopleSoft Transaction

This is confirmed in the PeopleSoft 9.2 Release Value Proposition (July 2012) that the pictures taken from iPhone will be included in the transaction to PeopleSoft:

"the iOS-based Oracle iReceipts application enables users to take pictures (or pull from the camera roll) on an iPhone and feed the pictures into PeopleSoft Expenses - My Wallet so that the photo file attachment is included with the transaction"

jeudi 19 juillet 2012

PeopleSoft Installer fails on VirtualBox Shared Drive

It is very usefull to install PeopleSoft using VirtualBox (4.1.10).
This is possible to install possible on OEL or Solaris 11 x86-64 as this is now supported by Oracle.

It's even more helpfull if you can access to the installation disk on a Shared Drive.

Sadelly, this is not working yet, as you will get the following error message:

"mmap failed for CEN and END part of zip file"

vendredi 6 juillet 2012

PeopleTools 8.53 Release Value Proposition is now published

In case you want to upgrade to PeopleSoft 9.2, you can anticipate some activities with the PeopleTools 8.53 Release Value Proposition.

All 9.2 will be based on this PeopleTools Release scheduled later this year.

Offload PS/nVision Workloads with Active Data Guard and Golden Gate

With PeopleTools 8.53, Oracle continue to invest in the database "offloading" architecture.
After the queries, now you can offload PS/nVision to a standby database.
To use this feature you need to create a standby database either with "Data Guard" or "Golden Gate" which are 2 Oracle products.