vendredi 29 juillet 2011

Mouse out of synch when using VNC, or embeded Applet

If you create a Windows VM in Oracle VM, you might face the issue where the mouse pointer in the VM is out of synch with your real mouse pointer.

To fix this, update you vm.cfg file and add at the end of the file the following 2 lines:

usb = 1
usbdevice = 'tablet'

mardi 19 juillet 2011

Oracle VM 2.2.2 Server, server Pool issue

When installing Oracle VM Server 2.2.2, to prevent issues in the configuration steps, you must review and configure the /etc/hots.

By default the hosts file will not contain the IP you provided in the installation wizard, which will introduce failure when creating a Server Pool.

Run slibclean before applying PeopleTools Patch

Before applying a PeopleTools Patch on AIX, you must run a specific command, slibclean, to unload objects files from memory.

To check if some objects are in memory run the following commands:

genld -l | grep /peoplesoft
The genld command collects the list of all processes currently running on the system, and optionally reports the list of loaded objects corresponding to each process.

genkld | grep /peoplesoft
The genkld command extracts the list of shared objects currently loaded onto the system and displays the address, size, and path name for each object on the list.

To unload all objects, run the following command (as root):


PeopleTools 8.50 scripts and McAffee

Our application with PeopleTools 8.50.17 is unusable for some pages.

Example with: PeopleTools > Application Engine > Review Temp Table Usage

When using ie7 or ie8, McAffee is scanning the page/script for more 1’45”. Meanwhile the browser is frozen but renders the page at the end.

We don’t have the issue with FireFox 5.0, which is not an acceptable workaround as our users are running distributed desktops.