mercredi 1 juin 2011

How to run Solaris 11 Package Manager Updates with a Proxy

If you try to update the Solaris catalog for Package Manager you might face the following issue:

Catalog refresh error:
Only 0 out of 1 catalogs successfully updated.
Unable to contact valid package repository
Encountered the following error(s):
Unable to contact any configured publishers.
This is likely a network configuration problem.
Framework error: code: 6 reason: Couldn't resolve host ''
URL: ''. (happened 4 times)

In most cases this is due to the Proxy you are sitting behind …

A possible workaround to this is the following:
 - connect as root
 - start a Terminal
 - execute:
export http_proxy="http://TSF\"
          TSF is your domain
          myaccount is your user account
          mypwd is your user password
 is your proxy
          8080 is your proxy port

 - execute:

The Package Manager will start and you can get updates.

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